1. What is a UPS ?

A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a machine when the input power source fails. They are usually large units that take up floor space.

A UPS differs from a standby generator in that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions by supplying energy stored in batteries.


2. What is a Circuit Board ?

A Circuit Board is a plastic board with electronic components like microprocessors, memory chips, etc. connected by copper layers. These are used in almost all computers and electronics today


3. What is Circuit UPS ?

A patented miniature UPS that is built-in or piggy-backed unto a Circuit Board.


It can provide short back up power to the circuit board. It can also prevent higher voltages from reaching and destroying the components in the circuit boards. It can prevent other damaged circuit boards from cascading damage to other circuit boards within the system. It can protect the circuit board from overloaded components.


It is the smallest complete UPS in the world.


4. Why do machines need CircuitUPS ?

Machines doing important tasks typically have computers inside. These computers use circuit boards which are prone to damage, errors or hang-ups caused by electricity.

Electricity can damage, cause errors or process hang-ups to computers which can be dangerous specially for vehicles.


5. What type of battery do we use for CircuitUPS ?

We use a special type of energy storage device called a Super Capacitor. Super Capacitors are a new type of capacitor that has better ability to store energy in smaller sizes. They typically store up to 100 times more energy than other capacitors, can accept and deliver charge much faster than batteries, and tolerate many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries.


6. How long is the backup time of CircuitUPS ?

The typical CircuitUPS can supply 3 seconds of power, enough for final data processing. Longer backup time can be made available.


7. Is it like a fuse that will need replacement ?

No. CircuitUPS protects the circuit boards and itself. It is automatic, self-resetting, and maintenance-free.



8. What machines should use CircuitUPS to protect computers inside?

a. All cars

b. All airplanes

c. All helicopters

d. All boats and ships

e. All PC servers

f. All elevators

g. All communication systems

h. All robots or machines with guidance controls


9. How small is a CircuitUPS?

There are many varieties of the product and can be customized for all types of circuit boards. The smallest is 20mm x 20mm x 18mm. Typical sizes are 30mm x 30mm x 20mm. One CircuitUPS can protect and power one computer board..


10. Do I still need my external UPS on my machines IF I have CircuitUPS?

Only if you want to work through a blackout or until your backup generator goes online, you will only need the lowest model standby UPS which switches on or off battery backup for 5-10 minutes.


11. How can I check if my vehicle or machine has CircuitUPS inside ?

Currently there are no visual indicators / stickers that will state if your vehicle or machine has the CircuitUPS inside. Ask your supplier’s Customer Service if they provide the CircuitUPS for their products.



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